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The day was founded in the inspiration from mothers day. This is the day which is celebrated for all the fathers by their children to make them feel how much we children love them for all the things and deeds they have done for us till now. Before the fathers day was founded, people made a day for mothers. To complement the mothers day, Father's day was first celebrated in united state in 20th century. Anna Jarvis started mothers day. Grace Golden Clayton inspired from Aana Jarvis established father's day to complement single male parent.Jarvis had held a celebration for her dead mother in Grafton, after seeing its success.

On 5th July 1908 it was first celebrated in USA . Now one thing more which is still remember in those fathers who got killed in Monongah mining disaster. Monongah mining disaster of Monongah held on December 6, 1907, and has been described as "the worst mining disaster in American History 361 men, 250 of them father's was killed in that disaster to honouring that fathers. That's why 5th July 1908 first fathers day was celebrated in USA.

Every child is special for their parents. No matter, how the children behave or act, still they will be loved by their father and the mother. They always make their child feel special and to make them feel the same, a special day was found for both the parents. We call it Happy Fathers Day 2015 and MOTHERS DAY.

I always admired my father in my life and always do loved him. But being a shy person i never could express my feelings in front of him. But now on this coming fathers day, i have planned something special for my father which he will be really amazed to see. I have made a potrait of my father which i will gift him on this occasion. What are you guys have planned?

Best Poems for Happy Fathers Day 2015

FATHERS DAY is the day when one can shower off his/her love or affection towards his/her father. This is the day when one can thanks for the all he/she got from his/her father, from birth till the life.

Now i would like to share my own story on this special occasion to express what my father has given me in this entire life.

Combination of 26 letters of alphabet still are not enough for me to tell how much my father do, did or does for his children. But still it' s little try of my to write about my hero on this fathers day the greatest thing that my dad had done is to believed in me when I could not believe my self. For my wrongdoings he always scolded me, teach me and direct me the right way where is should go.

He was the one who was more than happy if i got succeed in little things. In short, whenever I need someone to stood with me,appreciate my work, one person was, is and will always there at my back .It was, is and will be my father. To love me encourage me and to believe me or to catch me whenever i fall. He stood with me and inspire me to do  hard work, But the hardship of my father had no comparison. Best thing a father can do for his child is to love her mother. He was a good father as well as a prefect husband.I feel blessed to have a father like him. Many people believe in superheroes but my dad is my superhero. Love you dad.

So I wish all the fathers in the world , a very very happy returns of the day. Keep loving your little ones more and more as the time passes.

Poem for Father's Day

As a ray of light in the most complete darkness,
as a drink of water when thirsty will not let you swallow,
as a ray of sunshine when the cold creek,
as an infinite seeing mourn hug.
As a piece of bread after a long walk,
as the moon looming for the boat light,
as the voice that gives calm, when fear traps,
as boosting shoulders to see beyond.
Like love returning after years of absence,
as the rain falls to the stem to sprout,
pen and braking power of the sword,
as the path that guides an awkward walk.
Snow makes kids jumping,
as the friend who calls when you are most alone,
as the sage who shines his word,
as the joy and laughter that spread to par.
as all that, and more,
as all that, it's you, Dad.

Poetry for Father's Day

On this Father's Day
I want to give
this beautiful poem
I'll recite.
When I play with my father
I always want to win,
but with the corner of her eye
I will try to imitate.
When I grow up
I want to be like Dad
strong and courageous if necessary
really sweet and affectionate.
Although you know that I love
Today you what I say
with these pretty verses
I learned me to you.

Poem by Stephane Geron:

When I'm in your arms
My heart beats softly
When you give me a kiss
It is sweet
When I'm on your heart
I no longer fear
more fear
When you give me a hug
I have no more sorrow

The king of my heart:

My heart tells me
today is the feast
But what party?
The party moms. No!
The feast of kings?
The feast for a king!
But which one?
The king of my heart:
it's my dad to me!

My dad is a giant:

My dad is a giant
Who makes great strides
My dad is a giant
Who plays with me
My dad is a giant
Who knows almost everything
My dad is a giant
That takes me everywhere
Yet it was not long ago
He was a child like me
Grandpa and grandma have told me softly

My daddy:

For me it is someone
That shows me his love,
I give him in return;
This is someone,
That evening comes,
Make a kiss
By saying that I am a gem!
This is someone,
That whatever happens,
Will always be there to protect me
As if I was still a baby ...
But it is also someone,
Which can be severe, When everything goes wrong
This is someone who is just
And loves us all so much!
This is someone who thinks
To us constantly!
These dads out there, they are rare,
But I can assure you,
This dad I know ...
... because this is my daddy!

Happy Fathers Day 2015 Best Quotes

Father's day is celebrated in the whole world.this day celebrates fatherhood This day is celebrated on variety of dates in the whole world,many countries celebrates this day on third Sunday in June. This day is celebrated by the children to show their love to their fathers in the year 2015 this day is going to be celebrated on 21 June.

This day means a a lot for children to do something special for their fathers. Father is so precious in child's life. A dad plays an important to role to give his child a leadership,care,his valuable time,and teaches many lessons of life to fight against life. He creates a capability in child's life to take decisions in life. Father want to make his child a warrior not a worrier. He teaches him honesty,bravery,work hard and to respect others. There are some situations and time when children forget to show his love to the father and tell him how much they love to them.

Sometimes we children are so rude to our father but their love for us is endless. We can't even think to survive in this cruel world without his support and love. Words have no power to express the feeling of child for his father. Father brighten the life of others just to see smile on their faces. Relation between father and kid is so this special relation there is a emotional bonding between them. This relationship is different from all other relationships. Father's day gives a great opportunity to honor and thanks to the father. Whenever in life a child faces some problems father is always there to stand with him like a rock to protect him. No matter how much the tough conditions are there father's affection is always there. I pray to god to give all the happiness to father. Happy Fathers Day 2015 Quotes

"Hold your child the same as you did with your father"

"It's hard to be a good father; however, there is nothing more difficult than being a good father "

"When a man gives his father the reason usually has a son who thinks he's wrong"

"No matter who my father was, because I have the best memories of him"

"What you have inherited from your fathers, win him back to freehand to your children"

"When a newborn grabs his tiny fist, for the first time, the finger of his father, he has him trapped forever"

"The children leave one day the children, but parents never stop parenting"

"What greater ornament may be for a child to the glory of a father, or a father the honorable conduct of a child?"

"The father should be the friend, confidant, not the tyrant of their children" (Vicenzo Gioberti)

"What I appreciate most about my father is seeing how he loved my mother"

"My life has had problems, but they are nothing compared to what my father trying to get my life began" (Bartrand Hubbard)

"Thanks for having well educated. I am proud to be I'm like and that I owe it to you "

"A parent is a child who seems tough and prickly on the outside but is pure and sweet inside"

"Today I just want to tell you, old soul, you are being more respect and admire"

"It is wonderful that parents become friends with their children, removing all fear, but inspiring great respect"

"While they are alive, our parents are the border between us and death"

"Having children does not make one a father, just as they have a piano does not make him Pianist"

"A father is a man who expects his children to be as good as he wanted to be"

"Honor your father and your mother, so that you live long years on earth". (Exodus)

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Although it seems that everything is dedicated to mothers, but we thought of you as our dear fathers. Happy Father's Day! Give your father's gift and enjoy this beautiful holiday. If you like creating quotes father or father poems, this cute wallpaper father's day pictures will complete your perfect gift for that special day. Make your father is a special day and send her a massage fathers day. Celebrate this great vacation and show your dad how much he means to you. If You have no money to spend on expensive gifts - give your dad a bouquet of pink roses fancy, or just surprise him with a single red rose ...

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